Graphing in math class!

Every now and then, we must take time to do our schoolwork (even math, in that matter) on our devices. Digital graphing is an excellent way to do that in geometry! I spent the last few minutes creating some graphs on my test using Desmos, an efficient graphing program that can be found here.


Have a good one, viewers!

-Julian Fahrenschon, the PC gamer


Creating a 3D model for presentation usage

A couple of weeks ago, I made a 3 dimensional model of a dandelion using Build with Chrome, an extension that allows you to compose interactive models of anything you please!

These are multiple creations people all around the world have constructed using the internal building pallets. Anybody can click and build on a pallet anywhere, anytime-unless it’s taken, of course. If you want to look at my 3D dandelion model, click here.

Happy building, everybody!

-Julian Fahrenschon, the PC Gamer

Using a computer in class

Lately in Tech Support, we’ve been adapting to the use of technology in our classes. Use that’s beyond MS documenting or math calculations.

Making something like a 3D model or an interactive document/presentation is exactly what we’re here to do in Tech Support. I will be blogging about anything outstanding I perform in class.

Happy browsing, everyone!

-Julian Fahrenschon, the PC Gamer